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10 Products I Love

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Hello Folks! Happy Saturday! 

This post is to introduce you (or reintroduce you) to some of my favorite beauty products that I think you will love! Some of these are products that I've used for a while, and some are products that I've just recently started using. I'm excited to share this with you and I hope you'll take some of my suggestions and try some of these things out! All opinions in this post are my own and items are listed in no particular order. :) 

1. E.L.F. Studio Cream Eye Liner

I've talked about this magical stuff on the blog before when I told you what was in my makeup bag... but I couldn't not include it here. I have really loose eyelids, so a regular pencil liner ends up looking "choppy" and blotted on my eye lids. Along with an eyeliner brush, this cream eye liner slides right across my lid without clumping or blotting and is really easy to control and get the look you want. Also, in case you're not familiar with E.L.F., it stands for Eyes. Lips. Face.

2. Renpure Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner

I've used a few other products from Renpure, but this is by far my favorite. It's a brand using natural products and the whole business is family owned and run. This specific shampoo and conditioner line has helped my hair so much. It has made it soft and manageable, even though my split ends are out of control right now. It smells wonderful and fresh, and leaves your hair feeling nice and clean instead of gunky. Also, there is a saying from the Redmond family on every bottle that I love. "Our products aren't tested on animals, they're tested on the Redmonds."

3. Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mist

I love these products. If you have somehow never been into a Bath & Body Works, please get to one ASAP. They have a ton of different scents in their stores as well as other products such as body wash, hand sanitizer, and lotions. I love the travel size fragrance mists because they're usually on sale for 3 for $12 and because they're just easy to take with you. These three scents were my middle of summer purchases, and can you tell which is my favorite? These are great and it's so easy to find a scent you love! 

4. CHI Silk Infusion

Hello, one of my favorite products of all time. This stuff is AMAZING. Granted, it costs a pretty penny, but it is so worth it because you don't need to use very much in your hair and even a little baby bottle will last you a long time. After you shower, before you blow dry, put a small amount of this stuff in your hair and through your ends and style your hair as normal. Prepare to be amazed at the silky smooth and protected wonderfulness that is your hair. Combine this with the Renpure Shampoo & Conditioner, and you won't be able to stop touching your hair. 

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25H Foundation with Comfort Serum

There are so many great Rimmel products out there! I've heard really good things about their match perfection foundation and I swear by their match perfection concealer, but I've fallen so in love with this lasting finish foundation. It really does last all day and doesn't make your face look gunky and cakey like some foundations can. They have a wide variety of shades and are reasonably priced. A great product for anyone looking for a consistent and reliable foundation! 

6. X-Out Wash In Treatment

This stuff has cured my face. I should write a post sometime about the difference in my skin and show you some before and after pictures, because it really is awesome. I do still get the occasional break out because everyone does, but my face is significantly better than it was at this time last year. It's made by the same people as proactiv, but unlike their system which is three steps, x-out is just one step and it works fast! If you're looking for a great solution to acne, I really hope that you'll give x-out a try! 

7. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion

This is the best lotion I've ever owned. I went off in search of something to quench my dry skin and I came home with this. It cost me $2 and the bottle is huge! It makes your skin so soft after just one time putting it on and it smells like the beach! I use it on my legs after shaving, my hands when they feel dry, and my gross dry elbows. Go get yourself a bottle of this if you want to have nice soft skin! 

8. Tresemme 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray

This is the perfect hair spray! Like, THE perfect hair spray. It doesn't make your hair crunchy, but it still stays in place. It keeps your straightened hair soft and straight, and your curly hair loose and bouncy. It smells great and its an awesome product to just spray on your hair and go about your day. 

9. Pantene Everlasting Ends Split End Repair Crème

This is the newest addition to my beauty products and I love, love, love it. It does exactly what it claims, which is to lessen the appearance of split ends and help prevent them from getting worse/returning. Like I said earlier, my split ends are running rampant right now and I desperately need a trim, but this stuff helps in the mean time! Put a teeny tiny amount (your hair will get greasy if you over-do it) onto your fingertips and spread through the ends of your hair. Your hair will appear smoother and less frazzled. A wonderful product for sure.

10. Smooth Gator 60 Second Pain Relief Lotion

They say to save the best for last right? I know you've probably never heard of this stuff, but it's incredible. My family stumbled upon it at the Big E (giant New England fair) a couple years ago and bought some and we've had to replenish our supply once. It's been great to help my mom with her fibromyalgia. You apply to the site of your pain and it soothes your pain naturally and helps you relax. I have mild restless leg syndrome and just stressed out joints in general, so I put this on my knees and ankles every night before bed and it gets rid of the jitters from restless leg syndrome and the pain from the stressed joints and helps me relax and sleep. It also works great on the forehead for headaches or on the back for back pain. They have a wide range of other products available as well. I've never seen this sold in stores, but you can order it and their other products online via their website. Sort of pricy, but they last a long time and are so worth it if you suffer from fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, or other aches and pains. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my favorite products and I hope you decide to try some of them! Have you ever tried any of these? What ones would you like to try? Let me know in the comment box below and we can talk about it!