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10 Reasons I'm Excited for Fall

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It's almost here! Just 13 more days of summer and it will officially be fall! I am so excited. Fall is by FAR my favorite season and I am SO ready for it to be here. Sorry to all you summer lovers, this gal thrives in fall. Here are my 10 reasons that I am excited for fall, though there are way more than ten! 

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1. Fall Clothing

I love fall clothes. Can I say that again? I LOVE fall clothes. I love wearing leggings with long sweaters and BOOTS. My mom works at a shoe store, so man do I love some good boots! Fall clothing is so warm and cozy and if you get chilly, you can always add more layers, which I adore.

2. Football

I am SO excited that football is back! The New England Patriots are opening their season TONIGHT and I can't wait to see my boys kill it this year. I get my love of football from my parents who are both also avid patriots fans! We love watching games together and cheering on the pats! I can be pretty scary when football is on... it gets intense! love it! 

3. Colorful Leaves

I have been incredibly blessed to grow up in New England where the leaves are the most beautiful in the fall. I've been spoiled by jumping in giant piles of leaves, walking through a crunchy pile, and seeing the beautiful colors when I drive around. 

4. Cooler Air

I hate heat. I HATE heat. I'm not a huge fan of being freezing either, which is why I love fall so much. The weather is mild, and there is a nice cool breeze. It can be on the warmer side where you can still wear short sleeves, or a little cooler and you need a sweater. You will never hear me complain about wearing sweaters. 

5. Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Need I say much more? Dunkin Donuts has already had pumpkin spice for a few weeks and I literally don't get any other kind of coffee in the fall. I indulge in it while I can, since it's only around for a couple months every year. 

6. Fall Activities 

Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides, Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Painting, Bonfires, Sipping Apple Cider, etc. I love all of these activities and I cannot wait to start doing some of them with my handsome fiancΓ©! 

7. Asa & I's Birthdays

We were born exactly two weeks apart, myself on the 13th and him on the 27th! I am so excited that we get to celebrate our birthdays in the same month! We've gotten to celebrate them together for the last four years, this will be the fifth! I am so thankful that my guy was born! 

8. Fall Scents

Anyone else feel me on this one? There is just something about lighting the first pumpkin spice candle of the season that just makes me feel so cozy. Harvest Apple scents are also really great, but we go through a good number of pumpkin spice candles in my house during fall. I love the crispness of it! I also have a recipe for fall scented boiled orange peels on pinterest that is supposed to make your home smell heavenly, and I can't wait to try it! 

9. Cozy Blankets

Once I light that first pumpkin spice candle, all I want to do is wrap myself in a nice cozy blanket and sit by it. Does anyone else have summer blankets and then "rest of the year" blankets? I do. I have one heavier comforter that I don't use in the summer, but live under in fall and winter and I can't wait to get it out of storage and crawl under it for the first time this year!

10. Our Engagement Photos

This one is unique to this year, but that's okay right? I knew from the moment that Asa proposed to me that I wanted to do our engagement photos in the fall because it is my absolute favorite season! I can't wait to get our photos done in October with our awesome photographer! I have so many ideas! Plus, then we can send out our save the dates! 

Those are just a few of the many reasons that I am so excited for fall to be upon us again! What about you? Why are you excited for fall? What is your favorite thing about this season?