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10 Tips for Decorating Your Space

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So I have this dream, it's a far off dream, but it's a dream. I would love to my own business as an interior designer/home stager/design consultant... etc. I absolutely love doing it, and I have so much fun with it. That was always my favorite thing about moving into a new dorm at college, I always saw it as a blank canvas on which to unleash my wanna-be designer skills. I'm not sure I'll ever get tired of moving (I probably will) because of this reason! While at school, a compliment I would consistently get when people visited my room was "your room is so nicely decorated" or "your room is so cute!" or some other variation of those words. My answer was always, "thank you! it's so much fun!" I love it, I really do. SO! Because this is something I enjoy so much and feel like I'm decent at, I want to share with you my Top 10 Tips for Decorating Your Space! 

I've lived in the teeniest of rooms (you should see where I lived in Maryland) to having half the basement as mine, and these tips will apply no matter what size room you're in, or even what type of room it is! 

1. Keep it Simple

Maybe the most difficult thing to do. Ask my freshman roommates... I had EVERYTHING on my wall. EVERYTHING. Movie stubs, broken bracelets, business cards. It was BAD. Keeping it simple and being selective about what you hang, rather than hanging every little thing that finds its way into your life, can be life changing. (p.s. I got much better at decorating my sophomore year.)

2. Neutrals w/ Pops of Color

Since I've had to live in the vast white walls of dorms and the pretty colors of my bedrooms at home, I've come to value this tip. If your walls are neutral colors, accent/decorate with pops of color. For example, my last semester at school, all of my decorations and accents were pastel colors, which really all go great together. If you're decorating a space that is neutral, choose a color scheme for your decorations that includes color. 

3. Pops of Color w/ Neutrals

On the other hand, if your walls are already brightly colored, decorate/accent with neutral colors. I just moved into my sister's old room last month and her walls are a pretty blue (see photo above), so all of my decorations are black, white, wood, or gold. That way, you're not overwhelming the color already being shown on your gorgeous walls. 

4. Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in a space. One of my favorite ways to decorate is by hanging Christmas Lights around my ceiling, it gives the room a nice ambiance. You can also decorate with some great table or floor lamps. If you're in a dining room or living room, get a nice  lighting option that'll hang from your ceiling and look awesome. Choosing how you light your space can either make it or break it. Remember to stick with your color scheme when choosing lamps!

5. Make It Personal

This does not mean hang up everything that reminds you of a fun time. Go to target and get some pretty frames to hang some nice pictures of your family, spouse, or friends. Have a gorgeous tapestry you got on your last vacation? Hang that. Make sure you have things in your space that make it personal to you! After all, it is YOUR space! 

6. Give Everything a Place

...even if that place is a junk drawer. Don't lie, we all have one. Anyway, you'll feel better about your space, and about showing it off, if everything has a place! Now, I know that not everyone is able to accomplish this perfectly, but if you even do it for a small part of your room, I promise you that you'll be addicted and want to do it for the rest of your room!

7. Don't Hoard

This goes hand in hand with the last one... it's hard to give everything a place if you don't have enough space for everything! Do you really need that special edition plastic cup from the baseball game you went to last year? I don't think so. If it's not of utter importance to you, get rid of it! I promise you that eliminating clutter and just stuff will make you a whole lot happier! 

8. Don't Impulse Buy

I'm talking to myself too on this one. This is how we get to the place that we need to purge and get rid of all the things we've held on to. Yes, that woven basket is adorable, but what are you going to do with it? Sure, that key holder/white board/cork board would look great, but do you need it? The best way to avoid impulse buying is by just avoiding target all together, which I know, is actually completely impossible.

. Fresh Flowers are Your Friend

That's basically it. They add a nice pop of color, a great scent, and just all around happiness to a room. Maybe it's just me, but I feel SO much better with fresh flowers in my room or by my bed. 

10. Make Sure You are Comfortable. 

Maybe the most important piece of decorating advice that I can give you. After all, it is YOUR space, and YOU deserve to be comfortable in it. If you are uncomfortable with the decorations or the way the room is arranged, change it! It's all you. 

Well, that's my 10 Tips for Decorating Your Space! I hope you've enjoyed this post and I hope you can put some of these tips to use! Let me know what you think in the comments section below!