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Long Time No See

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well hello there.

It certainly has been a while since you've seen any new content from me. This last semester of school was one of the busiest and most insane of my college career, and I really needed to take the time to focus on my school work and get finished up in order to graduate! Well, that is over and I am back! I am so excited to be blogging again and can't wait to see my blog go to bigger and better places! 

what's new: the blog

If you didn't notice, my blog looks a little different from the last time you saw it! The biggest difference is that I switched my platform. My blog was previously hosted through blogger, and I have made the switch to squarespace! So far, I am loving it. Squarespace gives you so much more freedom in design and customization. I am enjoying it so much. 

The second thing you probably notice that is different is my blog name! I decided that "Life is a Highway" is a little off of where I want this blog to go. It's an old title that I came up with over a year ago on a whim that applied more to my life at that point, but I am in a very different place now. The new name, as you can see, is "Love, Kaycie". The reason I picked this title is because I want everything I say on this blog to be said in love. There is so much hate in the world today and if I can be a little glimmer of light and love, then I want to do it. All of my posts will have that ending, and when I have guest bloggers, I'll ask them to sign their posts with "love, (enter name here)" I want this blog to be a positive place so that my readers feel refreshed after they've read one of my posts. So yeah! I like it. 

Something else that is new about my blog is that my topics are more focused in my navigation bar. If you scroll over the buttons at the top of my page, you'll see a drop down menu under my three main topics (beauty, life, recipes). These drop down menus list more specific topics to look into, these will grow more as my blog grows. 

The other thing that's new is just general design things. I wanted my blog to look more professional and clean, and squarespace has been really good with helping me accomplish that. The other design thing I really wanted to figure out that I could never quite get right on blogger was my side bar, and I am so glad it's working out with this platform.

what's new: me

Wow! There are so many things that have happened in my life since I last blogged! In February, I moved to Maryland, where my boyfriend lived. That was a huge change that required a lot of faith on my part. There was a lot more that happened around this time too that I will most likely post about at a later date. 

Probably the most important thing that you need to know about the last few months is that on March 15th, my boyfriend asked me to marry him! I said yes, and we have now been engaged for almost two months! We are getting married on June 11th, 2016 and we are so excited! We already have our reception venue reserved and looking to have our ceremony site and photographer nailed down this week! There are still lots of decisions to be made and many things to do, but we are looking forward to the process and are grateful that we still have a good amount of time!

I also graduated from college last week! I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry and a minor in theater. It was the craziest five years of my life, but I see now that it was all worth it and I am so relieved to be finished! Now it's time to hunt for a big girl job. 

That's pretty much all that's new with me! I can't wait to see where this blog goes and how it grows. I hope you have fun with me as I learn and grow!