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Fancy Friday: Summer Chic

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Since it's Friday and summer is just starting, here is a new post for Fancy Fridays! Today I am showing you some of my favorite summer dresses! 





I love this super cute and light striped dress! It looks so fun for summer! 















I have a shirt that kind of looks like this dress and I absolutely adore it. It's so much fun and so simple for summer.













Nothing like a little white dress to show off that summer glow! I love the detail on the back of this one. 












Love this mint dress! Mint is such a cool and fun color for summer! 














How could I not include a coral dress? This one is just so sweet. I love the detail around the neckline and the bunching on the waist. Adorable! 







I hope you've loved this version of Fancy Fridays! 

I hope to be posting more things like this soon! Stay Tuned!