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2015 in Review

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Hello there! Happy New Year! -- December didn't quite go how I wanted in terms of blogging, but I'm back and believing for bigger and better things this new year! 

I know it's a few days late, but I've finally gotten around to writing my 2015 in review post! 2015 was such a great year and I will look back on it with so many fond memories! I learned so many things, and had so many new things happen for me! Take a look at how my 2015 went!


January was great! Asa was up in Massachusetts to visit me for the new year and we had a ton of fun ringing it in together! We went to Boston on the 2nd and were on the first tour of Fenway Park in 2015! I got my hair cut and readjusted to living life back at home after finishing my last semester living on campus at UVF. I flew down late in the month to see Asa and had a great time visiting with him and going to visit National Harbor. My flight home got cancelled due to a snow storm and I got to spend an extra day with him, and I didn't complain at all. 


February was an awesome month! It started off with my Patriots winning the Super Bowl on a last second interception by Malcolm Butler and I nearly passed out. Ha. Asa and I celebrated our Valentines day apart from each other by having a date on Skype and watching a movie while eating Bertucci's. I got a job in Maryland and Asa and I moved me down there and I moved into the house I would live in for the next three months. I also got an iPhone 6 in February and have absolutely loved my phone. 


March was arguably the best month of the year. I experienced my first full snow day in Maryland, adjusted to my new living situation, explored more of the state with Asa, GOT ENGAGED, saw a few movies with my new fiancé, saw All Sons & Daughters in concert, started exploring my love for cooking, preached in youth group, took countless trips to Washington D.C., and sipped on countless cups of coffee. Most importantly, GOT ENGAGED! March was so fun. 


In April, my beautiful Nana got married to Bill Rabideau and we couldn't have been more excited to welcome Bill into our family! He's such a great guy and he treats my Nana so well. I also got my cap and gown in April for graduation and Asa and I looked at and chose our wedding venue! We also went to a Red Sox game in Baltimore and got to have lunch with my Nana and Bill on their way back from their honeymoon! A good month indeed. 


In May, I finished and graduated from college! It took me five years but I finally did it and I was so proud of myself. I was so blessed to have my parents, sister, fiancé, both sets of grandparents, and some of my closest friends in the audience to see me walk across the stage! I also got to graduate with one of my best friends. May 8th was a great day! That weekend my whole family came to visit Maryland and we went to DC for a day and had a great time! I also got to see my sister Sarah and my good friend Emily graduate from college in May! Asa and I also traveled to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for a day and had a blast! 


June was a little bit of an unexpected month. I ended up having to move home at the beginning of it and Asa and I re-entered a long distance relationship. We threw an anniversary party for my parents and sent them off on their 25th anniversary trip to Punta Cana! During the time they were gone, Sarah and I enjoyed some bonding time and we had a game night with some close family and friends! It was a tough month, but ended up having a great time. 


I got to see another beautiful friend get married in July! :) My friend Karen married her handsome groom Michael and it was such a beautiful ceremony! Asa and I got to go to Virginia Beach and had just the absolute best day. The water was gorgeous and we swam and relaxed the whole day long. We had such a great time! In the beginning of the month, Asa came up for the fourth of July and we spent a day at the lake with my best friends. It was a truly great month! Oh! and I found my wedding dress! 


August was a jam packed month! My sister's birthday is August 1st and this year for her birthday we went to see Patriots Training Camp! Oh, by the way, we met Tom Brady. As you can see above! Not to mention we got to see my other favorites, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman practice! It was one of the coolest days ever. A few days after that, Asa and I travelled to Pennsylvania to see my beautiful friend Vanessa get married to her new hubby Mattis! It was such a beautiful wedding and we loved being a part of it! We also went to Atlantic City on that trip and went to the beach, another fun day! The next weekend, my college roommate Katherine married Andrew and they became Mr. & Mrs. Gentile! Soon after, Asa and I met up for a day in New York City to see our friend Dane and his band play at Radio City Music Hall on America's Got Talent. We walked around the city during the day and met up with Dane's family later and had dinner with them before the show. Seeing a live taping of a show is such a cool experience, by the way, and you should all do it. Also, I picked up my wedding dress in August. :)


September was so fun! I made the mug that you see pictured above in honor of it only being 9 more months until Asa and I get married! Also, Asa drove up for just two days over labor day weekend to surprise me because he knew that I had really been missing him even though I was going to visit him a couple weeks later. I did go visit him a couple weeks later and we went back to visit the place that we got engaged and just spend some good quality time together! 


October is my favorite month! Asa and I both celebrating our birthdays in October and we had our food tasting for the wedding and engagement pictures taken! We also got to visit with some of our friends from college for a few days! We went to Bobby Flay's restaurant and spent a day in Washington DC with them! It was nice because I got to see Asa more than normal this month! I started my job at Yankee Candle in October and it quickly turned into a great job that I absolutely love! Plus, when the weather turns to fall, it just makes me so happy.


November was swell! We celebrated my Dad's birthday, Asa came up to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I! He also sent me the roses you see pictured above! I worked my first midnight shift on Black Friday and had a ton of fun with it! I hit a wall around 3am but got my second wind around 4am and made it through till 6:30! haha. My hours at work started to pick up this month and I gained some great friends at my job and had so much fun working for Yankee Candle! 


December felt more like late October as far as the weather was concerned! It was 70 degrees on Christmas Eve! Anyway, early in the month I went down to Maryland to help Asa with his Christmas show at church! It was a pretty stressful weekend, but we eventually found time to relax and spend some quality time together. We spent a day in Annapolis and met some great people while we explored a beautiful city! I worked a ton of hours at work in December, as I work retail and it was the holidays, but it was nice to be able to make some extra money. Christmas was amazing, as I got to spend some great quality time with my family and New Years was fun! We played games with some people who I adore and rang in the New Year! 

That was my 2015! In 2016, I get married to Asa and we start our lives together! We also get to travel to Cancun and experience life together! I can't wait to see what 2016 holds!