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23 Favorite Memories from my 22nd Year

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Hello Everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely Saturday! This past Tuesday, I turned 23 years old! It's a little weird, but feels good at the same time! Last year after my birthday I wrote a post about 22 Things I Learned Since Turning 21. I ended that post with a statement, "here's to my twenty-second year being wonderful!" and wonderful it was! In light of that, for my birthday this year, I wanted to write about 23 of my favorite memories from this past year, in no particular order! I hope you enjoy! 

Washington DC. Memories. Canva. Tidal Basin. 

1. My Final Dorm Room

My last dorm room was my favorite one ever. I loved waking up in it every morning and coming back to it after classes and work. I decorated it to my style and it truly felt like home. I would live there again in a heart beat if I were given the chance. Thanks for the wonderful memories, Shelton 130.

2. Getting My Senior Blanket

Every year at homecoming, my school gives out alumni blankets to the seniors, and I waited a whole extra year for mine. It was a long time coming, but it was one of the absolute best feelings in the world to walk up to the front of the chapel and be handed that wonderful blanket. Sheer joy. 

Graduation. University. University of Valley Forge. UVF. Senior. Blanket. Fall Wardrobe.

3. Meeting Tom Brady

Superstar Quarterback Tom Brady. I met him. On my sister's birthday in August we went to Patriots Training Camp and after the practice was over Tom Brady came around to sign autographs and he walked right over to my sister and I. He said happy birthday to her and smiled at me and we were both shaking like crazy. It was awesome. 

4. Patriots Winning the Super Bowl

While we're talking about the Patriots. We won the super bowl in February, and after losing the last two we went to, it was a pretty amazing thing. I'm pretty sure I nearly blacked out when Malcolm Butler intercepted the ball in the end zone as we were about to lose again, and when I regained my footing, I definitely shed a tear or two. I'm a little passionate about football. Just a little. 

5. Dad's Birthday Surprise

Back in November, Asa and I drove all the way from Pennsylvania (after he had already driven from MD to PA) to Massachusetts to surprise my Dad for his birthday. My nana was the only one who knew we were coming and my mom, dad, and sister had NO idea. Nana had told us that they were going to Bertucci's for dinner, and we got there just as they were pulling into the restaurant. We walked in as my dad said "party of 3" and I said "might wanna make that 5" and it was the perfect timing. Their faces were absolutely priceless. What a great moment. 

6. Flying at Sunrise

When I moved home from Pennsylvania in December, flying became Asa and I's main way of transportation to visit each other. I visited him in January, and my flight was at 6:15am, so I flew with the sunrise. It was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my whole life. 

Flying. JetBlue. Clouds. Sky. Sunrise. TrueBlue. 

7. Thanksgiving

I drove home for Thanksgiving last year and it was so fun. My family spent the week at Vacation Village in the Berkshires and it was so relaxing and nice to have everyone there for the week. All of my cousins came up and we got to spend the holiday together. I love being around my family, and this time was extra special. 

8. Late Night Talks with Kat

When I was living in my final dorm room, I had an amazing suite mate named Kat. She very quickly became one of my closest friends and she is one of my bridesmaids. There were some nights that her and I would stay up late talking and eating hummus and pita chips, and those were my favorite nights. So thankful for her friendship. 

9. Phase 10

Asa and I were introduced to the game phase 10 earlier this year, and we fell in love with it. We taught our friends Emily & Joe (Emily was my roommate at the time) how to play and the four of us stayed up way too late some nights playing it and munching on snacks. It was so much fun. Can't wait to do it again!

10. Baby Boy Show

I had the amazing opportunity to help Asa direct the Christmas play at his church, and it was so much fun! We had an amazing cast and crew who helped everything go so smoothly. Lives and hearts were touched and we celebrated Jesus Christ coming down as a baby boy, and it was awesome. 

11. Nana's Wedding (and others)

My Nana got married in April to the awesome Bill Rabideau and it couldn't have been a more beautiful wedding! I am so glad that Bill has joined our family and that he makes my Nana so incredibly happy. Also, I went to three other weddings this year. My friends Karen & Michael, Vanessa & Mattis and Kat & Andrew all tied the knot during my 22nd year and I was so blessed to be able to attend all of their ceremonies!

Wedding. Storrowtown Tavern. Big E. Bride. Groom. Getting Married. Family. Hitched. 

12. New Years

Asa was in Massachusetts with my family and I for New Years and it was incredible. It was our first time spending New Years together and it couldn't have been more perfect. I was able to take him up to Boston and show him around some of my favorite places, and we brought in the New Year surrounded by my family and best friend. 

13. Christmas Eve Matching with Amber

My cousin/bridesmaid Amber and I decided to match our outfits for Christmas Eve this past year and not tell anyone about it. It was a lot of fun, maybe we'll do it again this year? :) 

14. Washington D.C.

At the time of my 22nd birthday, I had been to Washington D.C. three times in my whole life. In my 22nd year, I visited D.C. seven times. I've fallen completely in love with that city, and I can't wait to finally live near it again. There are so many things to do. Shameless plug for my Top 5 Things to do in Washington D.C. post. :) 

Washington DC. Tidal Basin. Washington Monument. DC. Capital. Fall. 

15. Game Night

While my parents were in Punta Cana in June, my sister and I hosted a game night for our cousins and my two best friends. We stayed up till the wee hours of the morning playing Phase 10 and eating snacks and laughing our heads off. It was all kinds of fun and we have to do it again soon!

16. Easter

Easter 2015 was a great one! Asa and I were again in charge of the church's production, and we got to lead the last worship song together! It was a great day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord! Afterwards, we went out to lunch with my future in-laws and had a great time! We skyped with my family later that day and then relaxed and enjoyed time together!

17. Beach Trips

Asa and I took three beach trips this year to three different locations and I absolutely loved each one! The beach is my favorite place to vacation, and even though we were only able to take day trips, they refreshed my soul and made me incredibly happy. We went to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Each place is unique, but beautiful. We loved every place we visited for different reasons! 

Dolles. Rehoboth Beach. Delaware.  Salt Water Taffy. Boardwalk. 

18. New York City & America's Got Talent

Our friend Dane Duncan and his band, 3 Shades of Blue, were on America's Got Talent this last season! They made it to the semi-finals and Asa and I are so proud of them! We got the AMAZING opportunity to go to New York City for a day to see them play! We went to Times Square, Rockefeller Center and then to Radio City Music Hall for the show. Seeing a live taping of something was really fun and a great experience! After the show we hung out with everyone that went (Dane's family and some other friends) and we had some food and then went to Times Square at night which was awesome! Definitely a favorite memory from this year!

19. Valentines Day

Asa & I couldn't be together for Valentines Day this last year, so he planned a long distance date. He send me a package containing fake rose petals, chocolates, a bottle of sparkling cider, a card, and a gift card to Bertucci's with instructions to order food for take out and he would do the same, dress up, and get on Skype at a certain time. We talked, ate dinner "together", and watched a movie over Skype. It was the perfect long distance valentines day, and I am so grateful for such a thoughtful guy. 

20. Graduation

I'm officially an alumnus of The University of Valley Forge! Like I mentioned earlier, I went to school an extra year so graduation was a long time coming. Walking across the stage was an amazing feeling and I am so happy to be done! College was an amazing experience and some of the best years of my life and I learned so much about myself and about life and the Bible. It was such a great five years. 

Graduation. University of Valley Forge. Flowers. Degree. Diploma. Cap and Gown. Senior. 

21. Asa's Surprise

In the beginning of September, Asa drove all the way up to Massachusetts to surprise me for no reason other than he knew I had been really missing him. He was able to be here for a couple days and it was so refreshing and relaxing to unexpectedly have some time with him! What a sweetheart of a fiancé I have! 

22. Finding My Wedding Dress

I loved the day I found my wedding dress! My best friend was home from grad school and she was able to come with my mom, sister, and I to the bridal salon! I tried on seven dresses, and it was no contest. It is so beautiful and simple and elegant and I just knew it was the one. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day and for Asa to finally see me in it! 

23. Getting Engaged

Saved the best for last! Getting engaged was definitely the highlight of my 22nd year! You've heard our engagement story already, so I won't tell it again, but I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams. We are under eight months from the big day and I can't wait! Things are starting to fall into place and lots of big decisions are being made. I'm so glad to spend forever with Asa. 

Well, those are 23 of my favorite memories from my 22nd year of life! It truly was a great year, but I'm thinking 23 will be even better! Thank you for reading!