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5 Things to do in Southern Maine

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Happy Weekend! I hope you are all having an excellent first weekend of December! Can you believe it's December? 

Now, I know that the last thing you probably would think of doing is going to the frozen tundra of Maine in the dead of winter, but summer will be here before you know it and Maine is a great place to be! The state motto is "the way life should be" and it's just so true! I'm probably a little bias, my family has been vacationing in southern Maine since before I was a twinkle in my parents' eyes... but I really just want you all to know about the great things that I've come to know and love throughout my twenty-three years of life!

Here is my list of 5 things to do in Southern Maine! 

1. Old Orchard Beach Downtown

Now, again... maybe I'm bias because OOB is where my family has vacationed for longer than I've been alive... but the downtown is SO much fun. We always take at least one night to head into the downtown area when we vacation. There is a little amusement park with a couple roller coasters and a huge ferris wheel right on the beach, there are a ton of cute little shops, places to eat, and the pier! There's no shortage of things to do and you'll be able to find something for the whole family! 

2. Portland

Just north of Old Orchard Beach is Portland! There are ENDLESS things to do in Portland. Shopping malls, old-timey streets to walk down, whale watching, exploring the marina and wharfs... endless! I still haven't explored everything that there is to do in Portland and I can't wait to go there next year with Asa after we're married! 

3. Lighthouses

There are a bunch of lighthouses in Southern Maine, but my two favorite are the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth (pictured below) and the Nubble Lighthouse in York! The Portland Head light is very famous and you've probably seen it somewhere in your life... but it's so cool to go visit too! There are some old forts near it as well to explore and it's also wonderful to just sit on one of the many benches around it and take in the amazing ocean views. Don't forget to pack a picnic basket! The Nubble Lighthouse is a little bit different of an experience since it's on a rock island and you can't actually get to the island, so it's more just to look at, but its really pretty! It's also in the little town of York where you can watch Salt Water Taffy being made, and explore some more cute shops and ice cream parlors! 

4. Kittery

If you're into the outlet mall scene, there is a HUGE string of outlet malls in Kittery, Maine just across the Maine/New Hampshire border. You could spend days in the town and not get to all the stores! It's such a fun little adventure and a quaint town with wonderful people. Don't forget to grab some ice cream at one of the little ice cream shops in the outlets while you're there! 

5. The Beach

My absolute favorite part! I love the beach, pretty much anywhere I can get it. I've been to countless beaches from Maine to Virginia and the ones in Southern Maine are by far my favorite. You have seemingly endless options of where to vacation. Some great choices are Ogunquit, York, Kennebunkport, and Wells. My absolute favorite however, is Old Orchard Beach. (pictured below) The sand is soft, the seaweed is minimal, and the beach is relaxing. There's a reason that Asa and I are going there for our mini-honeymoon! Also, we have close family friends who own a couple hotels there... so if you're ever visiting OOB, let me know! 

Well, that is my list of 5 things to do in Southern Maine! 

Have you ever been to Southern Maine? What would you add to this list?