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A Fresh Start

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Hi Everyone! Happy February! 

The last couple months have been really busy for me and I've been away from my blog more often than on it. I haven't written many posts, or been very active in my social media accounts, but I am back! I am excited for my blog this month and for everything that will happen this year! I'm declaring today, a fresh start! 

Here are some new things you'll be seeing from me this year! 

More Focused Posts: I'm going to be focused on writing intentional posts rather than random ones just because I wanted to have something up. 

More Guest Posts: I love having a different voice on the blog every now and then! I want to have at least one guest blogger a month, if not more! Look out for a post from my wonderful friend Audrey later this month! 

Vlogs: Starting this month, I'll be joining in on a vlog link up once a month with some awesome other bloggers! I cant wait! 

How To's/DIY's: As part of the more focused posts, I want to include how to and DIY posts! Especially as I get closer to my wedding and I start putting stuff together! 

Facebook Page/Newsletter/Subscription List: All these things will be coming to my blog in 2016! Stay tuned! 

Life Changes: I'm getting MARRIED! Other than that, I'll be moving out of my parents house and miscellaneous other changes that will happen in my life this year! 

Like I said, I'm excited for where my blog is going to go this year! I hope that you'll come on this journey with me!