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Do Not Fear

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Hi Friends! Happy Sunday!

Do not fear. 

A lot easier said than done, right? 

Fear is one of the most difficult things we have to overcome. Whether you are a Christian or not, fear is like a brick wall that you have to climb over when facing something in your life. I know for me, fear is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Fear of the unknown, fear of what people will think of me, fear of not understanding... fear. 

Can I be really honest with you? A lot of things in my life are changing this year... and that terrifies me. Getting married, moving away from home, new jobs, new people, new opportunities. It all scares me. Now, don't get me wrong, I am also completely and totally excited for all these new things, especially marrying Asa, but they are all exactly that... new things. Changed things. Different things. Why are we so afraid of change? Because it takes us out of our comfort zone and into a world where we aren't safe... or at least we don't feel like we are. 

Isaiah 41:10 says, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

God is always with us. The first time I read this verse it was in a Christian novel. I couldn't tell you the name of the book or who wrote it, but this verse stuck with me. I couldn't believe I had never read it in the Bible before, but I was so glad when I read it for that first time. Ever since, I've clung to it. Why? Because God is the ONLY thing that casts out fear. His perfect love shatters it. 

God is with us, in every situation. When we are afraid, He is there. When we are anxious, He is there. When we are weary, He is there. When we are happy, He is there. When we are comfortable, He is there. Not only is He there, He strengthens us. He helps us. He upholds us. We can lean completely on Him, and he will hold us up, give us strength, and help us through. How amazing is that? 

I absolutely love the song "No Longer Slaves" by Bethel (video at the bottom). It talks about how we are no longer slaves to fear, yet instead we are children of God. The bridge says "my fears are drowned in perfect love". Christ's perfect love casts out fear. When fear strikes you down, Christ picks you up. All you have to do is lay your fears down at the foot of the cross and He takes them from you. His perfect peace will surround you and guard you, and He will strengthen you.

I want to challenge you on this Sunday to lay your fears down before Christ. Whatever that fear is that you have in your life right now, let Him take it from you. Lean on Him so that He can give you strength and help you through it. He will, all you have to do is let Him. 

Be blessed, my beautiful friends.