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Hello! Happy Saturday! 

I have seen so many of these "currently" posts lately and I wanted to join in on it! Some of them were for Brave Love's "Blogtember" but some also haven't been. This is a fun post to update readers on what is going on in your life at the current moment! Here we go! 

(I got the list below from my friend Natalie's blog

Currently I am:

Reading... "You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity" by Francis & Lisa Chan ... SO GOOD. If you are married or getting married, I highly suggest it! 

Playing... Let's Go Rocket. It's pretty fun! Passes the time. :) 

Watching... Hawaii Five-0 is back, so I've been catching up on that. Also just started How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix... not sure how I feel about it yet. 

Trying... to make a plan for my month! I've got most of it figured out. 

Cooking... I've been on an omelette kick lately. I sauté onions, tomatoes, and ham and throw it on an omelette with cheese. Yum, yum, yum! 

Eating... lots of omelettes! 

Drinking... Apple Cider! One of my all time favorite fall drinks! :) 

Calling... Asa a lot. I miss him. :( 

Texting... Asa again. Long distance stinks... :/

Pinning... some wedding stuff, some blogging stuff, some apartment stuff. That's mostly it. 

Tweeting... my blog posts! I'm trying to grow my twitter account to help grow my blog following! It's been a lot of fun so far :) 

Going... to Maryland on Tuesday! I can't wait! 

Loving... the cooler weather! It's in the sweet spot right now where we don't need the AC or heat and we can just have the windows open! Love it! 

Hating... that it's still 8 months until the wedding! I'm enjoying the planning process, but I can't wait to marry Asa! 

Discovering... how to trust in God more. I told you earlier this week about my struggle with this lately. God is faithful and is growing me in this slowly, but surely. 

Thinking... about what to pack for my trip to Maryland :)

Feeling... anxious because of everything that is so unsure in my life right now, but at the same time I have assurance through Christ that He has my best interest in mind. 

Hoping (for).... the ability to complete my "wedding to do list" this month! There's quite a bit to do!

Listening (to)... worship music mostly! When I'm not listening to worship music, I've been listening to Disney on repeat (and secretly daydreaming about broadway) and Pentatonix's version of "Cheerleader". SO GOOD.

Celebrating... my birthday is next week (the 13th) and Asa's is two weeks later (the 27th)!!! :) 

Smelling... my favorite candle from target, "Midnight Orchid".

Ordering... I actually haven't ordered anything in quite sometime! I have to order a prop for our engagement photos soon though!

Thanking... God for His provision in my life, even when I don't always see it, I know He's working and providing for me behind the scenes. :) 

Considering... putting away my summer shoes (sandals) for the year, but wondering if it's still just a little too soon. 

Starting... to bunker down in wedding planning! We have A LOT to do in the next 8 months!

Finishing... writing things in my planner! I love my Day Designer! 

This is such a fun post! Natalie said on her post that it's like the notes we all used to fill out on Facebook and Myspace and it's so right! Thank you for reading!