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DIY Hand Scrub

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How many of you are suffering from dry skin as the weather gets cooler? I know I have been! I want to share this DIY Hand Scrub with you because it is so helpful for dry skin! It's a sugar based scrub, so it exfoliates as it softens your skin! I've been using this scrub for a couple years now, and I just can't stop making it! It's comparable to Mary Kay's Satin Hands, but you can make it at home for so much cheaper! This makes a great gift for anyone in your life from your mom, sister, grandmother, wife, or even husband! That's right, guys with dry skin can use this scrub too! 

The best thing about this hand scrub is that you only need two things to make it! Sugar and Dawn Ultra Hand Renewal Soap with Olay! You'll also need a jar with a cover (I use a mason jar) and something to stir your scrub with!

  • The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the inside of you jar is completely dry, otherwise the sugar will absorb the water and clump up. Fill the jar 3/4 of the way with sugar. 
  • Next you want to pour in the soap. Fill the jar almost all the way with the soap. (make sure to leave some room to stir) 
  • Stir together the soap and sugar until fully mixed. The scrub should be exactly that, a scrub, so if you've added too much soap and it's a little too runny, simply add more sugar until it's the right consistency. 
  • That's it! Put some in your hands and scrub away! Rinse with hot water and store with the lid on at room temperature! 
  • BONUS: Ladies, this is also GREAT to rub on your legs after shaving to give them a little extra TLC! 

That's it! I hope you'll try this hand scrub and let me know if you like it!