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Fall Wish List

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FALL FALL FALL! Today is officially the first day of fall and I could not be more excited! It's been in the 60's and last night got down to the 40's here in Massachusetts and it is just lovely. I LOVE FALL. Okay, anyway... I've never created a "wish list", but I thought it would be fun to try once! Since my birthday is next month (hint hint! ;) ), I thought it would be fitting (?) to make my first wish list now! Ha. Ha. Anyway, without further ado, here is my fall wish list! 

Hooray for fall! This wish list includes some of my favorite things! 

1. Coffee Mug

While I love just about any coffee mug... this one from Target is especially adorable. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee is how I think just about every morning and I would love to have this one added to my collection! My goal is to have 14 coffee mugs before Asa and I get married, one or each of us for every day of the week. 

2. Booties

Booties are super trendy right now and I am just dying for a pair! Thank goodness my mom works at DSW. ;) These booties from DSW are one of my favorite brands, Minnetonka, and they just look super warm, comfy, and stylish. I have to get over to the store and try them on! 

3. Pitch Perfect 2 DVD

I absolutely loved this movie and I am so excited that it's out on DVD now! It's the perfect movie to snuggle up under a blanket and laugh and sing along. How can you not love watching the Bardon Bellas as they travel through their everyday hysterical college life? 

4. Fall Sweater

I love sweaters. LOVE. Maybe this is one of the reasons that I like fall so much, but putting on a warm sweater is my favorite thing. I love this one from Target because it has pockets and it's in such a nice fall color! 

5. Patriots Junk Food Shirt

I love my Patriots! Only thing is that I don't like wearing T-Shirts. This shirt is comfortable and stylish and still shows off my team pride! This would probably be the perfect birthday gift. ;) 

6. Tote Handbag

I am dying for a new handbag. I have two black ones right now, but one is too small and the other is really old and falling apart. I adore this one from Target and it seems like the perfect size to fit everything I might need to take with me on a day out of the house. Plus, it's so grown up. haha. 

7. Slippers

I love slippers, but I really only wear them in the fall and winter! My feet get cold before the rest of my body, so slippers are essential to keeping me warm and cozy. I love these sweater knit ones by Bearpaw at DSW. They're cute and super comfortable! 

8. Cozy Blanket

If there is anything on this list that I just really don't need. This would be it. I have a deep love in my soul for blankets and I have a bunch of them already... but I couldn't resist adding one to the list. I love this knit one from Target because it looks so cozy and warm! I would love to snuggle up under this with a nice warm cup of coffee in that mug I mentioned above. ;) 

9. Spiced Pumpkin Candle

How could I not put a candle on this list? I can picture it now, snuggled up under the blanket, wearing the slippers, sipping coffee from the mug, watching Pitch Perfect 2, with this candle lit on the table next to me. Ahh, sounds like a perfect fall evening. I love Yankee Candle, especially their fall scents! Adding this Spiced Pumpkin Candle to my collection would be ah-mazing. :)

10. Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I have been dying to get this Urban Decay Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette for a while now, but I have still neglected it. I will definitely be getting it for my wedding if not sooner. I just love Urban Decay and think that their NAKED Palettes are beautiful. I can't wait until I finally own one of them! 

Well folks! That's my fall wish list! I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the things that I am hoping for this fall! I can't wait for my birthday! Oh, and Asa's birthday is next month too, and I already know what I'm hoping to get him and I can't wait! Hehe. It's a surprise! 

Anyway, what are some things you are hoping for this fall? Would you love anything on my list also? Let me know in the comment box below darlings!