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How to Create Your Own Florida Room

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When I think of Florida, the first thing that I think of is the beach. Then Disney, of course, but first and foremost is the beach. I've not yet had the privilege to sit on one of the sunshine state's pristine sandy beaches and soak in the warm southern salt water, but I can't wait until the day that I have that chance. However, until then, I'm left to find ways to incorporate a little bit of Florida into my humble Massachusetts abode.

I always try to bring a little bit of sunshine into my every day life, so when Douglas Elliman Real Estate contacted me last month to be part of their Florida Room challenge, I gladly accepted! Now, living in my parents home still, I can't yet create my own actual Florida Room to show you (as much as I would love to), so I created a "mood board" if you will on how I would create my Florida Room! I'll be sharing that with you as well as some design tips to make your own Florida Room to enjoy all year round! 

When I envision my dream Florida Room, I envision a four season sun room (which is what I'll be basing this post on). Not a huge space, but just large enough to be cozy and hold the essentials... a TV, couch, and coffee table... because what would life be without coffee? Here are just a few design tips to consider when creating your Florida Room:

1. Natural Light is Essential

When you're sitting on the beach, you're immersed in natural lighting. A Florida Room must have this same effect. Choose a room that has a bunch of natural lighting during the day, this is why I think a sun room would be PERFECT. 

2. Paint the Walls Neutral

My fiancΓ© will tell you that I am a HUGE fan of neutral walls in general, but especially if your space is going to be beach themed! Light, neutral colors reflect natural light so well and they will compliment your bright, ocean themed accessories perfectly. Lean towards a nice off white, beige, pale yellow, or pale blue when you're deciding what color to paint your Florida Room. 

3. Go with Hardwood (or Laminate)

When you're creating your Florida Room and you get to the decision of flooring, always choose hardwood or laminate over carpet. In my opinion, it just adds to the beachy feel. Find a nice flooring that resembles beach wood or that is a nice light wood color, trust me, you wont regret it! Plus, it's so much easier to clean than carpet. 

Those are my three design tips for creating your Florida Room! Now let's move onto my mood boards for how I would decorate mine! I've broken them down into three categories: Scent, Decor and Furniture! 


Now, I work at Yankee Candle. Scents have become quite an important thing in my life. If I'm stressed, I turn on Sage & Citrus. If it's a beautiful sunny day, Pink Sands it is. Rainy? Meadow Showers is what goes in my tart warmer. However, if I want to feel like I'm sitting at the beach... I always go with Sun and Sand! If you've never smelled it before, it smells like sunscreen and instantly transports you to sitting on a beach somewhere in Paradise. If I was going to have a Florida Room, Sun and Sand would be the only scent allowed! 

Almost all of these little candle accessories are from Yankee Candle except for number five. I just love the light toned colors of all of them as well as the interwoven beach theme. These are definitely what I would choose to create a "scentmosphere" (corny, I know) in my Florida Room! Filled with lots of Sun and Sand Candles, Votives, Tealights and Tarts of course. 

1. Sun and Sand Large Jar Candle

2. Dunes Collection Sea Shell Tealight Holder

3. Dunes Collection Beachcomber Illuma Lid

4. Dunes Collection White Sand Candle Holder

5. Kate Aspen "Anchors Away" Tealight Holder

6. Dunes Collection Driftwood Tart Warmer


When I think of Decor for a Florida Room, I think of beach themes naturally, but specifically anchors. Anchors have a deep meaning for me personally as it is, and I think they just look lovely in room decoration. The decor is where you want to add some of your color pops! Colorful pillows, rugs, etc are great places to add some fun, bright colors to your Florida Room! As well as some cool neutral shaded decor items such as rope. 

I just love the bright and fun pillows that I have on this board as well as the deep blue of the accent rug! The deep navy is the perfect addition of some darker shades to your bright room! Plus it'll look gorgeous contrasted against your light colored hard wood. Hint hint. Be sure to incorporate mirrors as well into your decor because they reflect natural light. In addition to items here, I would hang some pictures of beaches and islands from around the world. I would also display my sand collection that I have (sand from over 10 countries and 17 places now I believe)! 

1. Parker Anchor Throw Pillow

2. Starfish Throw Pillow

3. Sail Away Throw Pillow

4. Rope Round Mirror

5. Anchor Table Lamp

6. Threshold Wood Tray

7. Anchor Stripe Accent Rug


What is a room without furniture? For your Florida Room furniture, I suggest going with again, neutral objects that you can accent with bright pops of color! Stick to the light wood theme that we've got going and add maybe one colorful piece of statement furniture like I've got below. 

I'm sticking with the neutrals again for the furniture because everything just compliments each other so well. The couch can be put up against a wall or however you'd like to place it for snuggling, reading a good book, or just enjoying your Florida Room. Place the white and wood end tables on either side and the coffee table in front to display your scent filled items and fun decor things! The blue stand is where you can put your TV to have pictures of a beach on a slideshow or watch your favorite beach themed movie or TV show! Perfect furniture for a Florida Room! 

1. Larkspur Side Table

2. Larkspur Large Coffee Table

3. Windham Two-Door Storage Cabinet

4. Lakeside Sofa

Well folks! That's the end of how I would decorate my Florida Room and my tips for decorating yours! Thanks again to Douglas Elliman Real Estate for reaching out to me for this post! I had a blast with it! For some more design inspiration, or if you're looking to own a property in Florida, have a look at Douglas Elliman's Florida Properties Page on their website! 

What about you? How would you decorate your own Florida Room?