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God is Able // Carrington Fussell

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Hello! I am so excited to have another post up for God is Able! You are about to meet the lovely Carrington Fussell who I have loved getting to know through the world of blogging and social media! She is getting MARRIED soon and I couldn't be more excited for everything God is doing in her life! But I'll let you read about it for yourself :) 

hen I saw a post about guest posting with the theme of ‘God is Able’ I jumped right on it. If I could pick a theme for my life the past five years, it’s definitely that. 

If we were sitting down for coffee I’d tell you my whole story. Through tear-filled eyes I’d tell you about the seven year old me who accepted Jesus, and the 17 year old me who fell in love with Him when I felt like He was all I had left. I’d tell you about the three year relationship that ended quickly after I found out I was pregnant at 17. I’d tell you about the most handsome blue eyed boy that I delivered April 19, 2011 at 18 years old. I’d tell you about my high school graduation where my almost two month old sat in attendance and about the way God miraculously gave me a full-time job when he was three months old. I’d tell you about the way I worked full-time and did college full-time online when Linc went to bed. I could tell you about how God has provided physically, emotional, mentally, and spiritually. I could tell you about the tears and the heartache, the joy and the laughter. And I’d most definitely tell you that through it all I learned that God is able.

But sadly we’re not sitting down for coffee and I need to keep this somewhat brief so I’ll hone in on two big areas of my life where I’ve learned that God is able.

I started nursing school May of 2013 and it is supposed to be a 16 month program, unless of course you fail two classes like I did. When I failed the first one I was devastated. I was working so hard and wanted so badly to be a nurse and I was just down. I got back in and repeated and passed the class. Then term two came and I failed another class. At this point I was downright mad. I told God over and over how important it was to me and how bad Lincoln and I needed me to finish college. I read Psalm 37:4 and couldn’t figure out why God wouldn’t give me the desires of my heart.

While all this was going on I had another desire: to be married. I didn’t need a man, but I wanted one. I wanted a husband and father-figure for Lincoln. It was another huge desire of my heart and I didn’t feel like God was coming through on this either. I prayed more than once, “God there is no way I’m ever going to meet anyone. All I do is go to school, work, and hang out with Lincoln.”

I told God over and over how badly I wanted those two things. I remember praying, “God if I can’t pass nursing school can’t you at least let me find someone?” {As I type that it sounds way more ridiculous than it did back then.}

I got back in to take the second class and it was going well. One day at clinicals a classmate of mine was late so my assignment got switched to a different floor and a different nurse. The nurse’s name was Mike and I was a little nervous since I hadn’t ever been with a male nurse. When I introduced myself he gave me a look that made it obvious he was NOT happy he had a student. But I tried to remain optimistic about the whole day. The day went good, and the next day I had him again. That was January 29th and I haven’t stopped bugging that nurse since.

And guess what. That nurse proposed to me on October 9th. I’m marrying him on March 5th. 

I finished that class and passed it. I haven’t failed a class since and on December 14th, I will graduate from college.

Let my story give you hope: Jesus knows the desires of our heart. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, even when it looks grim, Jesus is there. Jesus knows.

I cried and yelled and begged God over and over for two things that I desired so badly. And in His infinite wisdom and timing, He said yes.

Michael is everything I’ve ever prayed for and so much more. There are things about him that I adore that I never knew I wanted in someone. But Jesus knew what I needed and wanted more than I did. If I had passed those two classes I wouldn’t have been at Michael’s hospital that day. If my classmate had been on time I never would have been assigned to Michael that day.

God is able to orchestrate more than we can. He sees big picture and He is behind the scenes even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Forget what it “feels” like and remember WHO GOD IS. If God can create the world out of nothing, He’s got your finances. If He can raise His Son from the dead, He can give you a baby even when a doctor tells you otherwise. If He can forgive all sin, He can bring the right person to you. He can do anything. He is God. There is nothing too hard for Him. Your faults and failures don’t worry God. They don’t surprise God. And best of all, they don’t limit God.  God is able.

Love, Carrington