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God is Able // Leeann Perry

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Happy Friday! I can't even believe that Christmas is a week from today! This year and month have been going by so fast. I am so excited to have Leeann Perry guest blogging today! I've been following Leeann's blog for a while now and love keeping up with her! She has an awesome God story for you guys today, so take a look at what she has to say! 

When I graduated college, I didn’t have any job offers. Prospects were not so great either. It would have been easy to get discouraged and to just give up.

By the end of that summer, I was fortunate enough to have my name added to the substitute list for two local school districts. It took some time and loads of prayer, but I was able to get established as a regular substitute. It was certainly not my dream job, but God had provided work for me.

At one point, I calculated just how many days of work that I needed each month to pay my bills (ten). Then I prayed. I gave my biggest concern to God, with a fervor that I had never used before. From that moment until I was so graciously given a full-time job, I worked at least ten days in all but two months.

One of those two months was a very snowy February when schools were barely open. The other month was the September that I decided to expand into a few more school districts.

Most months, I worked several more days than I needed. It wasn’t uncommon for me to be offered three assignments for the same day.

Not only did God provide me with enough income to pay my bills, I was consistently earning more. His kindness went beyond the need and provided me with extra. I am still thankful of much God has blessed me.

Let me clarify something.  God provided the means so I could earn more than I needed. I never had enough to afford all that I wanted.  It was better this way.

Still to this day, I live on a budget. I drove my first car until it literally started falling apart. I bought clothes secondhand or out of season.

God proved that He is able to provide for more than just a paycheck. He provided support, encouragement, and a way to learn better classroom management skills. He provided friendship. He provided hope for when I felt alone and helpless. He provided the experience and the connections needed to obtain a full-time job.

God’s provision did not stop when I gained a steady job. I was able to get summer jobs and side gigs when I had a need. Even now, when I am in a better place financially than I have ever been, I know it is because God provides.

Because my life is proof that He provides, I am fully confident that he will provide for you.  It might look different than you imagined. One way or another, He will provide.

Love, Leeann

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