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God is Able // Natalie Gettis

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Hi Friends! First of all, I loved being able to write "Natalie Gettis" at the top of this post! My beautiful friend Natalie married her hubby Mark recently and I couldn't be more excited for them! Natalie, Mark, Asa (my fiance) and Myself all went to college together and it has been so fun getting to know Natalie more through blogging! I'm so please that she is here today for the God is Able series! Take a look below at what she has to say! :) 

Hi friends! My name is Natalie and I blog over at A Tiny Traveler and I am also the founder of Oakmoss Collective. I am a newlywed to Mark and we recently moved to Harrisburg, Pa. I love coffee, art, Jesus, and going on adventures. I am super excited to be here guest blogging! I wanted to share my heart a little on God’s faithfulness and provision in my life over the last year.
2015 seriously flew right by! I got engaged, graduated college, worked a crappy summer job, got married, moved, got a new job, and here we are approaching Christmas already! It’s amazing how life seems to drudge on at times and then all of a sudden you’re right back at the start of a new year! Has anyone else been surprised by the speed of the past year or is it just me?
So let’s chat. As I sit and sip my coffee, I think about the past year. 2015 held many things for me, as I’m sure it did for many people. I finished college (which is tiring and stressful in and of itself) with the fear of not finding a summer job. My wedding was in September and I needed a little extra income (weddings aren’t cheap!) I prayed and prayed and applied to like 6 different positions but didn’t hear anything back and I was just about done with school. Then all of a sudden I got a call! I got a job as a receptionist at the cutest little conference center. After working a few weeks there however, I realized that it wasn’t what I expected. It was super stressful and I was given a huge amount of responsibility (more than I was hired for) and just wanted to quit. But one morning I woke and realized how foolish that would be! God blessed me with a job and he answered my prayer for a way to make money over the summer. There are times when we get our answers to prayer and still complain because they aren’t the specific answers we want. There’s a great example of this in the Bible in Exodus 16. God delivered the Israelites from years of poverty, torment, and slavery. When he was leading them to the Promised Land, they began to complain and wish they were still enslaved because at least they got to eat the food Egypt offered. How silly!
Our wedding came so quickly and it was everything I could have wanted. We had a lovely honeymoon and newlywed life was a dream! About two weeks in (after moving to a new hometown with no connections) I started to get depressed. Not with my marriage or anything, but I was so lonely. I had no job because we moved and no friends or family. The few people I did know that were close by had school and work so sitting around at home all day was starting to drag me down. I prayed for friends and for a job and nothing happened. A month went by. Again I was overcome with worry and fear that I wouldn’t find a job and things would get stressful. But then all of a sudden (when I stopped looking and stressing) a job offer happened! God is just so good. There are so many times that we think we know best and we think that things should get done in our timing and when they don’t we forget to trust Christ and that He is caring for us. Every day. This doesn’t mean that things will always work out for us, because sometimes God has different things in mind and a different plan, but I know that He does provide for his children and hear our prayers. Every day there is an opportunity for us to worry, but there is also an opportunity to trust God. As this year wraps up and 2016 begins, I want to choose the latter. Trusting Jesus is so much better than feeling alone and worried!

Love, Natalie