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Instagram Unplugged

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Hey There! 

I have seen a few other people do these type of posts and I just thought it was such a fun idea! So, I've decided to do a post of my own! Here is the true story behind some of my recent Instagram photos. 

Here goes nothing...

Cute picture of me and my handsome fiancé, right? My mom took it the weekend of my graduation when we all took a trip to D.C. Well, you see that super tourist-y shirt I'm wearing? I was a metro area local at this point, so I felt really silly wearing it. So why did I? Because, like a slob, I dropped my ice cream cone from lunch all over the shirt I had been wearing. Yep, chocolate stain all the way down the front. I then had to buy this one and change behind one of those little street carts with a (very kind) elderly asian lady blocking me from view of passers by. Also, we had been up to visit Mr. Lincoln so many times, we didn't even bother to actually go into the memorial that day. 

This picture is of the front of my local David's Bridal from the day I got my wedding dress. Well, I was so excited when we left the store, that I completely forgot to take a picture to post. So, since I obviously had to let everyone know that I "said yes to the dress", I had to ask my mom to drive back into the plaza and by the store so that I could take this picture after we had grabbed lunch across the street. 

Ahh, Virginia Beach. One of my absolute favorite beaches and one of my favorite memories this summer. See that blue umbrella and red towel in front of us? I had to wait a good half hour to take this picture until the people sitting in that spot got up to go in the water. They had laid down facing us instead of the water and were staring at us quite awkwardly, and I certainly didn't want them to think I was taking a picture of them after that. 

My gorgeous cousin Amber and I. We had gone out to celebrate her leaving for her first year of college, and afterwards, we had to snap some pictures. What you don't see is her brother waiting very impatiently off to the side, and his girlfriend and my sister laughing at him because of how badly he just wanted to leave. Also, Springfield isn't the greatest background ever. ha.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures I've ever posted to Instagram. What you don't know is that this mug was dirty and I had to wash it just to use it for this picture, and I also had to re-paint my thumb nail because it had severely chipped and I wanted it to look good for this picture. 

This is the front of the barn at our wedding venue. I went over to visit last month and have a meeting with our wedding coordinator. After the meeting, I realized I didn't have any pictures of this yet, so I stopped to take some and completely stopped paying attention to what I was doing or who was around me. As I was taking a few steps backwards, I stepped right in front of a moving golf cart, and nearly got run over. Pretty much everyone was staring.

Another cute picture right? Realistically, we were standing in some of the coldest ocean water I've ever felt (saying a lot since my family vacations in Maine) and shivering. We had to wait to take a picture because the sun wasn't out the whole morning and it was super cold on the beach. Also, this was probably our 20th attempt at a decent picture. 

Not my brightest Instagram moment, but I thought it was cool that Asa and I were going to New York. Also, I honestly forgot to take any pictures this day, so grabbed this quick. I then took probably 10 pictures of it in different spots because the sun was going down... so I ran outside to take a picture of it before dark against my chimney. So there's that.

I am so excited to go see my fiancé next week! I had to remove that washi tape four times because I hated my writing. Then I had to clear off my bed before I could take the picture because I usually use my white sheet as my photo background.

So, on a Friday night I had an idea for this picture, I knew it was going to be sunny the next day, so I wanted to take one of those artsy pictures in bed with my coffee and white sheets. So I woke up, at noon, and took it. I took about 30 pictures before getting to this one. Also, I hate hate hate my arms, so this was a big step for me to post this. haha. 

Well, that's my Instagram unplugged! What about you? What is the true story behind your Instagram photos?