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Why I Fly with Jetblue

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I wasn't planning to write this post as I was sitting at my gate for a Jetblue flight home, but I guess that's fitting right? I've been flying with Jetblue for a year and a half now, and I don't have any intention to fly with another airline if Jetblue is an option. (I'm very patiently waiting for them to expand to the midwest airports!) There are so many reasons why I am a repeat Jetblue passenger and I wanted to share some of them with you!

As I said, I've been flying with Jetblue for a year and a half now. The first time I took a Jetblue flight was in January 2015 and I haven't looked back since except to use up a Southwest gift card I had. I've flown the route from Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT to Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. (and vice versa) countless times and Jetblue makes it so easy and affordable. 

1. Customer Service

Jetblue's customer service surpasses expectations. Starting from their ticketing agents, to the gate agents, to the flight attendants, and even the pilots... they all greet you with a smile and do whatever they can to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. They truly make you feel as though they are there to help you, and that is something I've never experienced on another airline. Also, if your flight gets cancelled for a mechanical issue or something that is the airline's fault (so not if it's weather related), they will do their very best to get you on the next possible flight and they will give you a credit to use on future travel. They are so good to their travelers. 

2. Affordability

The most I've ever paid for a round trip flight from Bradley to Reagan is $126 and that's the only time I've ever paid over $100 round trip. The lowest I've paid was $59 round trip. I LOVE that. I love that they help make it so easy to get to Washington DC to see my fiancé. I've seen one way flights for later this summer for $39 one way. THAT IS CRAZY PEOPLE. Now, I know most of you won't fly from Connecticut to DC as much as I do, but they also have cheap-o flights to Florida, South Carolina, Boston, and they also fly internationally to a number of locations in the Caribbean. They run sales all the time and if you know the right window to book (about 4-6 weeks in advance for domestic flights) then you are golden.

3. Trueblue Points

I am so in love with Jetblue's loyalty program called Trueblue. Can I just tell you this? I have gotten three, THREE, round trip flights for virtually FREE through their loyalty program. In fact, this vacation that I'm ending right now, I paid a total of $11.20 for my flights roundtrip because I used my Trueblue points. You earn Trueblue points when you purchase tickets, purchase their upgraded seats, or fly frequently with them. I earned 7,000 bonus points last year just because I flew with them seven times in twelve months. They also have a survey program that you can sign up for and you can earn points by taking surveys. IT'S SO EASY and so worth it. 

4. Space

Jetblue's famous claim is to have the most legroom in coach and they are not lying when they say that. They do have "even more space" seats for an upgraded price with are AMAZING (I got upgraded to them when my flight was cancelled once) and they are worth the money if you have it to spend. However, if you don't want to drop the extra $25-$40 on the upgraded seats, their regular seats have MORE than enough legroom and space. Now let's be honest, I am not a small gal and something I love about Jetblue is that I am actually comfortable in their seats. When I used up that Southwest gift card I mentioned before, I couldn't believe how incredibly small and uncomfortable their seats were. You will not have that problem on Jetblue, no matter which seat you purchase. By the way, you can choose your seats when you book your flight and change them up until you check in, which I also love.  

5. Snacks

I don't know why other airlines stopped giving you snacks on flights, but Jetblue still does. Even on the super short flight from Hartford to Washington DC they come around with snacks and drinks. This is important to me, and I'm sure it is to a lot of other people as well. 


They have wifi on most of their planes. You can't beat that. 

Those are my reasons that I fly with Jetblue whenever possible! They are a truly amazing airline and I hope that if you ever fly with them, you enjoy your experience as much as I have. 

What about you? Have you ever flown with Jetblue? Did you like it?