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Hello All! 

It has been a while since I've done a life lately post! In fact, I'm not sure I've done one since switching blog platforms! I've been posting a little bit over the last few weeks, and my posts will increase in the weeks coming, but I wanted to give you a little update on my life as of late! 


A few weeks ago, we celebrated my parents 25th anniversary! We threw them a party with some of our family and friends and we had a great time celebrating their love. I'm so blessed to have parents who love each other so much and have shown me what a healthy marriage looks like. At the party, they danced to the song that they had their first dance to at their wedding! It was a precious moment and a wonderful day for all of us! 




A few days after their party, I dropped my parents off early in the morning at the airport and they took off for a ten day trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! They had a great time and came home looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated! While they were away, my sister and I had a sister date and went to Olive Garden and the movies. We also had my best friends and cousins over for a game night and played Phase 10 until the late hours of the day. It was an absolute blast! Something else fun that Sarah and I did while my parents were gone is fix up the house for them so that they didn't have a lot of projects to do when they got home! 


My parents returned right before the fourth of July and my fiance flew in the same day as them! It was so wonderful to have my parents home and have my fiance here with us for the long holiday weekend. Transitioning back to a long distance relationship after I had to move home has not been the easiest thing for Asa and I to say the least, so this weekend together was extra special. We swam in the pool and hung out together watching cutthroat kitchen until the wee hours of the morning. We played cards with my family and ate pizza on the fourth of July followed by my chocolate lasagna (classy, we know). It was just so special to have him here. My love language is quality time, which only makes a long distance relationship that much harder, but we're making it... day by day. I'm comforted in the knowledge that distance is temporary and in less than 11 months I will be his wife and we will never have to do this again. ha... ha...



Something else fun that Asa and I did while he was here was head up to Otis Reservoir in the Berkshires for a day! My best friend's parents have a house on the lake so we, along with our good friend Davey, spent the day at the lake! Julie and I took the boys tubing and let me tell you, it was hysterical! Asa had never been tubing, so it was definitely a hoot watching him grip onto the tube! We also grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and ate dinner on the boat then took a couple cruises around the lake while the sun set. It was a beautiful day with my closest friends, and I couldn't have asked for it to be better. 




The last thing that has been happening lately is that I've been settling into my new room in our house. We remodeled our basement into an apartment for my sister, and since that's where my room used to be, I have moved into her old room upstairs. I have been loving it! I lived in the basement for the last ten years, so finally having natural light and a pretty color on my walls has made me so happy. 




That is what I have been up to lately! I am so excited for all the things that are yet to come this summer, year, and for the rest of my life! I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Life Lately! 

What have you been up to? What does your summer look like?