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March Goals

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Happy March! Well, almost. 

I cannot believe that tomorrow is March 1st. This year is already going by so quickly! It feels as though this year is moving faster than other years. 

Also, this day won't exist next year. Interesting. 

OKAY. Now, March goals! I haven't been great with keeping my goals this year, but this is a new month, so it's a fresh start, right? Right. 

1. Join a gym & lose 10 pounds

This really should say join a gym again... since I was already a member of one once. Haven't we all been at one point or another? Anyway, I am going to join again this month and take it seriously this time. Also, I want to lose 10 (more) pounds this month! My mom and I joined weight watchers at the beginning of the year and we have been loving it! I've lost 15 pounds already and want to lose 10 more in March! I'm hoping adding the gym to my diet will help with this. (UPDATE: Weighed in the day this post went live, down 18 pounds & counting.)

2. Blog Consistently

I'm pretty sure that this is on my goals list for every month, but I've started to take my blogging a lot more seriously lately. By the end of the year, I want to be making some sort of income off of my blog, have running social media accounts specifically for my blog, and triple my monthly traffic. I wont be able to do any of those things if I'm not blogging consistently! 

3. Start Getting Ready for Marriage

On March 11th, our wedding will only be 3 months away! Which is crazy. We have SO much to do. When I say start getting ready for marriage, I mean things such as packing up my stuff, completing my current to do list, figuring out health insurance, car insurance, and other adult things. We also need to book our plane tickets for our honeymoon in July and make some plans for our weekend getaway after the wedding in June. These are the things that I mean when I say getting ready for marriage! 

These are my goals for March! I am so excited to accomplish these things and even more this month! Looking forward to updating you in April! 

What about you? Do you have goals for this month? What are they?