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September Goals

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Is today really already the first day of September??? Where has 2015 gone? It feels like just yesterday I was ringing in the new year with my family and Asa. Something I like to do is make goals for my months. The last week of the month, I set three goals for the next month. I usually don't share them, but this month I have decided to! Here are my goals for September! 

1. Think Before I Speak

Have you ever said something and immediately wished you could grab those words and put them back in your mouth? I have. Though I usually always try to think before speaking, more often than I care to admit, it doesn't work. Just ask my mother and fiancΓ©. Haha. In September, I want to be completely intentional with thinking before I speak. If I get upset about something, I want to make sure I step back, take three deep breaths, and then speak. This will help me be more kind and respectful to those around me.

2. Go to the Gym 3-4 Times a Week

I have a wedding dress to fit into people. Haha. In all seriousness,  I need to improve my health. There is a long list of things that run in my family from high blood pressure to breast cancer, and I don't want to deal with any of those as I get older and get married. I want to live a healthy lifestyle, and on top of eating healthy, working out will aid in that. Starting off slow with 3 times a week, hoping to move up to 4 or 5 by October. 

3. Be Consistent in Blogging

I love blogging, I find it so much fun and I absolutely love the community that comes along with it. However, it is so time consuming. Can I get an amen from my fellow bloggers? Because of this, I sometimes slack on keeping up with posts, promoting, and community. This month, I want to be consistent in my blogging. Setting one day aside a week to write, set up social media posts, and plan out promoting my blog via twitter, pinterest, and Facebook. 

Those are my goals for September! Would you keep me accountable, dear readers? 

What are your goals for September? What do you hope to accomplish this month?