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The Guys Behind the Blog // August Edition

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I am so excited to have my fiancé back on the blog this month for the Guys Behind the Blog Series with Betsy from Heavens to Betsy and Laura from According to Laura Jean! This month is all about L-O-V-E! That's because Betsy is getting MARRIED tomorrow! I am so excited for her and A.J. as they start their life together! 

I hope you enjoy reading Asa's answers this month! 

1. How did you meet your significant other? 

College. We were in the same intro class our freshmen year. Life Formation. :P We barely talked then, but we kinda were cool with each other. ;) Eventually we became good friends as the year went along, then after the summer we came back for sophomore year and started it all. The rest is a long story, leading to a great love!

2. What is your top love language? What is your significant other's love language? 

I am a big words of affirmation guy. Words mean the world to me, so the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is a big fat lie!!! Some times it takes that small encouragement, simple sincere voice that will push me forward. That’s big in my walk with God too. Words, including the Bible, mean a lot. Her big ones are quality time and physical touch. Since our time together is so limited currently with being a plane ride’s distance from each other, the time we spend better be good and meaningful. Also when she is down, all she needs to press on sometimes is a nice hug. And she loves to give them out too. Just ask her for one. :)

3. If you're engaged or married, how did you propose? If you're not, how did you ask your girl out? 

This requires pictures!! (see bottom of post)

Beautiful sunset, carousel, our view overlooking the river at the National Harbour. It was freezing and I stopped her under a tree we had sat down by before, gave a raving speech about love and commitment, and bam, pulled out a ring, got down on my knee and made sure her nails were done. Close to 6 months into the engagement and life is grand!! :)

4. Share a funny wedding story with us - it could be from your own or one you attended.

I went to this one wedding, super duper african culture, so being late was expected. Here was my experience, we get there and we were about 10 minutes early. There was food everywhere, it was grand. It becomes an hour late and the bride still isn’t there. We are wondering if something is deeply wrong. So some of the guys at the wedding started watching the USA vs. Ghana game. (2010 World Cup). 2 hours late to the wedding, the bride arrives to change into her dress. At that moment, all of the men from our group start asking around about the score also. After the bride arrived about 2 1/2 hours late to the ceremony. No one was paying attention. The ceremony itself was at least an hour. It was a very long day. True story!

5. On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?

My first crush was a girl who had me smitten from 1st grade - 4th grade. My heart was captivated by my classmate, and she knew. But I received no love in return. It all ended when she gave me a “friend” valentine’s card in the 4th grade. I knew then this love was over.

Well that's all for this month! I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about Asa and I from his perspective for once! 


                                                                     The view we had when he proposed. It really was fantastic.

                                                                     The view we had when he proposed. It really was fantastic.