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Top 10 Binge Worthy T.V. Shows

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Summer is upon us and one of my favorite things to do on the lazy days is watch episode after episode of a T.V. Show with my sister, Sarah. It gives us bonding time and still gives me time to get things done such as emails, blogging, and other miscellaneous things. 

Therefore, today I am providing with you a list of my Top 10 Binge Worthy TV Shows! Best part? All of these shows can be found on a little think I like to call... Netflix. 

1. Friends

This might be the best one on the list. Follow along with the lives of 6 friends living in New York City... Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey will take you on a crazy ride through life in your twenties and thirties and discover challenges and victories along the way. All ten seasons of this show are on Netflix, and I promise you it'll keep you laughing from the first episode until the last. 

2. Gilmore Girls

Sarah and I made it through this show over Christmas Break and I have to tell you, I would love to watch it again. It is heartwarming. Follow mom and daughter, Lorelai and Rory, through life in small town Connecticut as they figure out how to live life as a team and meet so many awesome characters along the way. There are moments that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh some more. This heartwarming show is perfect for anyone to watch! :) 

3. Merlin

Sarah & I's favorite! We may or may not have watched the whole series three times... Follow young wizard Merlin on his journey to Camelot where he encounters all kinds of people. Introduce yourself to Prince Arthur, Morgana, Gaius, Guinevere and King Uther while you're there and follow this dynamic team on all of their adventures. This show will have you laughing one moment and on the edge of your seat the next! 

4. Doctor Who

Maybe I'm a little bit of a nerd, and it did take me a bit to get into this show. However, if you stick through the first parts, it does get really, really good! You get involved with the characters and you're hooked! Follow The Doctor through time and space as he saves the world in every episode. You'll meet his companions along with a number of alien species that you'll either love or hate. I promise if you stick it out through the dry-ish first season, you'll fall in love. 

5. Criminal Minds

Follow along with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as they solve crimes all over the country! Lead agent Aaron Hotchner along with lead characters Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, and others create a dynamic atmosphere for the show and they each bring a unique aspect to every episode! One of the best crime shows around! You'll love it! 

6. Arrow

One of Sarah and I's favorites! Billionaire Oliver Queen has come back from the dead and he's got his mind set on saving his city. Follow him through the streets of Starling City as him and his crew beat up bad guys while they fight off enemies of their own. You won't be disappointed by this show! 

7. Hawaii Five-0

Who doesn't love a good cop show? This is my favorite of all the ones out there. Watch as lieutenant Steve McGarrett and his partner detective Danny Williams, along with the rest of their 5-0 task force fight off bad guys in Hawaii. This show will have your heart racing one moment and then will warm your soul the next. This show has all the elements you could wish for in a show... crime fighting, love, family, and fun! 

8. Young & Hungry

My fiancé was watching this show on his phone once while I was cooking dinner and it kept making me laugh so I asked him if we could watch it later on the TV. So we did, and then the next day we watched the whole first season. I'm not super proud of that, but it's a great show. The second season just came out on Netflix and the second half of season 2 is coming on ABC family in August and we just can't wait. Meet chef Gabby Diamond as she scores her dream job and develops hysterical relationships with each of her co-workers & boss. This show will have you laughing in every episode! BONUS: Jesse McCartney is in this show. Yep, him and his beautiful soul.

9. Broadchurch

I love this show. Maybe I just like British T.V. Shows in general since I have 3 of them (Merlin, Doctor Who, & this) on this list and another one just barely missed the cut (Sherlock, great show people, great show). Broadchurch is about a town in England where there has been a mysterious murder of a little boy. Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Detective Ellie Miller must figure out who has done it. It is a brilliant murder mystery show which will have you on the edge of your seat during every episode. While there are two seasons, only the first is available on Netflix. If you simply can't wait, I'm sure a quick google search will lead you to season 2. (that's what I did.) Plus, it has David Tennant, who is pretty awesome. 

10. Cutthroat Kitchen

Who doesn't love a good cooking show? This one will have you hooked. In this competition cooking show, four chefs compete for $25,000. The catch is that they can use that money in an auction to buy sabotages against their competitors. Some of these sabotages are just cruel. Can you imagine trying to cook soup in a keurig? Yeah, they did that. They are then judged on their meals and one person is eliminated each round. Funny thing? The judges don't know about any of the sabotages. This show is funny, and maybe you'll get a good recipe from it! :) 


There you have it! My top 10 Binge Worthy shows! 

Have you seen any of these? Which is your favorite? Do you plan to watch any of them?

Let me know in the comment box below!