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Trusting in God

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Trusting in God. It's something that is really easy for some people, and really difficult for others. It's no secret to my readers that trusting in God is something I struggle with hardcore. I've told you here, here, and here about how hard it can be for me to trust His plans for me. Today, we're going to dig a little deeper into a verse that I've been holding very close to my heart and I'll be letting you see a little bit of how I'm struggling with this lately. 

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Let's start off by looking at what this verse says:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight." - Proverbs 3:5-6

Can I just say it one more time? Trusting in God is HARD. As humans, we like to be in control of our own lives. We're selfish and greedy and we like to be in charge of what we do, who we do it with, and when we do it. It's part of our sin nature. So when things start to get out of control, we freak out and lose our cool. Or is that just me?

This verse tells us first and foremost to trust in God. Trust in God. The very thing that is so difficult for so many of us to do is the very thing that we are told to do first in this passage. Why is it so hard for us to trust in God? Maybe it's because we can't actually see Him, and we naturally have a hard time trusting in things that we can't see. Maybe it's because He doesn't always tell us what is coming next. Maybe it's because we think we know what is best for us, and He is trying to tell us something different. 

In my life lately, to be super real with you, it feels as though I'm grasping at balloons. Imagine that every different part of my life is represented by a single balloon. I'm walking down the street holding the bunch of balloons. Instead of paying attention to where I'm walking, I'm staring up the balloons intently and making sure none of them slip from my grip. Suddenly I stumble over an uneven sidewalk and in the midst of trying to keep myself from falling, I let go of all of the balloons and they start floating up into the sky. Desperately, I try to jump, reach, leap or climb to get the balloons back in my hand, but really, no matter how hard I try, I don't have a choice but to stand there and watch the balloons float up into the sky. That's how my life has felt lately. It feels like almost nothing is settled, almost nothing is secure, and I have absolutely no idea what my life is going to look like at this time next month. And that drives me crazy.

I don't understand a lot of things about life right now. I don't understand why I had to move home at the beginning of the summer. I don't understand why it's seemingly impossible for me to find a job in Maryland. I don't understand why Asa and I have to be in a long distance relationship right now. I don't understand why I feel this intense anxiety every time I think about where my life is going and realizing that I really have no idea. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm marrying Asa on June 11th, 2016. Which is incredible and exciting, but that's all I know for sure in my life right now. 

The biggest part of this though, is that I don't have to understand. I don't have to understand why things are the way they are, but I do have to trust that God has it all under control. We are told to NOT lean on our own understanding because we really can't understand it all. What we know may not be what is best for us. What we think we understand may not be what God wants us to understand. That's why we can't lean on our own understanding. Because we are human and we are weak without Christ. We are lost without Him. He is everything. We don't have to understand what is going on in our lives because He does and He has our best interest in mind. 

The second part of this passage says that we need to submit all of our ways to Him. ALL OF OUR WAYS. That is tough folks! Surrendering absolutely every aspect of our lives over to God and saying to Him "do as You will with me" is hard! Friends, it's the only way to assure we will be in the center of His will. When we humble our selfish, prideful, ignorant selves to His will and way for us, we can rest assured that whatever is best for us will happen... even if it's not what we want or think is right. And that's where trusting God comes in again. Sometimes what He says or does in our lives is not going to be the answer we want. Sometimes it's going to look NOTHING like what we think it will. But we HAVE to trust that He knows what He is doing. 

He will make our paths straight. He will show us the way that is best for us. He will be there for us in every situation. We can lean on Him. We can trust in Him. 

We have to trust in Him. 

Friends, I talk to myself here just as much as I talk to you. You can trust in God. You can believe that He is doing whatever is best for you. Even when you feel like you are chasing after balloons that are ever so quickly floating away from you... He is in control. When you can't see the next step, He already knows the next ten steps. When you feel as though you are in complete and utter darkness, He will be the light that guides you. When you can't even fathom what tomorrow will hold, remember He holds tomorrow. 

Trust in Him, and He will make straight your path.