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3 Useful Apps for Editing Instagram Photos

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Happy FRIDAY! Yay for the weekend! Am I right??? 

I took a small blogging hiatus while my fiancé visited over Valentine's Weekend, but the blog is back today with a guest post from my beautiful friend Audrey from Whimsy & Co! She has some great tips and ideas on apps to use to edit your instagram photos! Have a look! :) 

The way that we use Instagram has changed so much since its launch in 2010. It’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular social media platforms out there! It’s a great way to showcase your brand and behind-the-scenes of your blog or business, as well as promote your posts!

The best way to grow your influence on Instagram is simply through sharing high-quality photos. It’s no longer just a place to share random moments of life – it’s also a place where you can share cohesive and interesting photos that relate to your blog and brand.

Before we even get to editing, I think it’s extremely important to mention natural light! Even the best editing software won’t do very much good if your photo is taken in artificial or dark light. For me, the light in my apartment is perfect in the morning, so that’s when I take most of my Instagram photos!

Now onto my 3 favorite free apps for editing Instagram photos:

1 | VSCO

VSCO seems to be a favorite of many people, and it’s definitely the one I use the most! This awesome app has 10 great filters, but I really love all of the features that they have to manually adjust your photo. Exposure, contrast, temperature, you name it! I use VSCO for pretty much all of the photos I’ve shared on Instagram!

2 | Snapseed

This app is freaking awesome. The feature that I love the most is its ability to edit specific areas of your photo. Sometimes what one part of the photo needs, another part doesn’t – Snapseed is perfect for those types of edits!

3 | A Color Story

A Color Story is a recent launch from those girls over at A Beautiful Mess. The app itself is beautifully designed, but more importantly, it has many amazing editing features! It has real-time sliders for basic editing, just like VSCO and Snapseed, but I actually really like its filters! Which is saying a lot for me, since I don’t like many filters. My favorite filter is Lite Bright, which makes my photos look like I took the time to manually edit them. Perfect!

Another wonderful aspect of these three apps is that they’re all free! You definitely can pull out your DSLR for your Instagram photos, but it’s so easy to just use your iPhone. These apps, while free, work just as well as more expensive photo-editing software. Definitely check all of these apps out – they’ll change your Instagram game!

Feel free to check out my blog at Whimsy & Co. or follow me on Instagram @whimsyandcompany! Thanks for reading!

Love, Audrey